What else is out there?

Want to know more about improving your wellbeing?

There’s a LOT of information out there. Working out what is worth exploring and what to avoid isn’t always easy. With this in mind, I’ve begun a list of resources that I consider to be of value below. If you have suggestions, things you’ve come across that you feel are worth adding to the list. Please let me know!




Smiling Mind is an iPhone app, a ‘modern meditation for young people’. It’s a simple tool that gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.


Other Resources


Headspace offer a range of services to support young adults. If you feel that you’d like to talk to somebody about your situation, you’ll find them discrete and supportive.




Superbetter is a website designed to help you achieve your goals. It’s free, and they even have a cool little app to use on your smartphone if you have one.


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